Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chicken Pound?

The Chicken Pound is a meal prep company that specializes in one thing… Chicken!  We make sure you get all the chicken you need to simplify your active, busy lifestyle!

Can The Chicken Pound help with my meal prep?

Heck yeah!  That’s what we’re here for!  If all we do is provide you with chicken, think of how much time and effort that saves you!  You can always throw together a salad, steam some veggies or bake a potato. But do you feel like cleaning, cooking, cutting and grilling chicken????  We thought not! Look, you guys are busy burning fat, building muscle and getting strong and healthy… We’re busy cooking!

What makes us different?

Simple… We use the best ingredients and have the best process in place; with the most experienced health and wellness chef in the industry.

Why do we freeze our chicken?

Come on man!  That “we deliver fresh” b.s. is old news!  It’s not fresh, it’s left-overs! We don’t serve left-overs.  Everyone tries to sell you on “fresh never frozen”, but then they’ll suggest that you freeze if yourself if you don’t eat it!  We’re here to tell you that they’re all nuts! We won’t do that to you! We flash-freeze because it’s simply the most proven method to keep your chicken moist, tender, and most importantly… FRESH!

How does my chicken arrive?

Most often chicken arrives completely frozen.  Depending on the temperature and time of year however, some thawing may occur.  This does not mean that your product’s integrity has been compromised. Place your items in the
refrigerator or freeze immediately upon receiving them.

Proper Storage

Instructions are on each package…   You can refrigerate or freeze your chicken upon receiving it.  Refrigeration shelf life is 4-5 days, freezer shelf life is listed on each package for your safety.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes.  You must order at least a Five Pounder.

Where do we deliver?

We ship to most states in the continental United States.  At different times of year however, we may limit our delivery areas.

How much does delivery cost?

A $14.95 shipping and handling fee is added to all orders within a 1-2 day shipping zone.

A $24.95 shipping and handling fee is added to all orders outside of our normal shipping zones.

My package was delivered but I was not home to receive it.  Who is responsible?

All customers receive a confirmation email from FEDEX once your order is tendered.  We use the email that you provide us on your order. FEDEX sends updates as well as notifications once the order has been delivered.  It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to ensure that the products are retrieved in a timely manner. The Chicken Pound is NOT RESPONSIBLE for orders that are not retrieved in a timely manner.