Frequently Asked Questions

I weighed my package and it's under 8 ounces. Why?

Please note, the package includes the liquid. The package contains the chicken's natural juices as well as marinades (depending on the flavor) totalling 8 ounces per individual portion.

My order arrived and I am not happy with it, WHAT DO I DO?

There's a reason that this is the first FAQ answered!!! 

All issues MUST be reported within 12 hours of receiving your product.  

WE SHIP A PERISHABLE PRODUCT ACROSS THE COUNTRY... This means that unfortunately sometimes things do not arrive as the should.  If you feel your order is compromised or unacceptable, please send pictures or video IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING YOUR PACKAGE

We are happy to replace your order and make sure that you receive your product as it should be, HOWEVER, WITHOUT PHOTOS/VIDEO there will not be any credit issued or package replacement! 

Please do not tell us that your package "smelled too bad" or that you did not have time to take a picture of it. 


Can I have my order shipped to a Fedex/UPS or other "holding" location?

You can, BUT.... We are ABSOLUTELY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ORDERS THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME!!! If you have placed an order and having it shipped to a 3rd Party location, it is 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you pick it up in a timely manner, regardless of tracking details provided by our courier.  Please be considerate and mindful to our process. 


Thank you in advance for respecting our policies.


What is the Chicken Pound?

The Chicken Pound is a meal prep company that specializes in one thing… Chicken!  We make sure you get all the chicken you need to simplify your active, busy lifestyle!


Are you Eco-Friendly?

Yes!  We care about our environment, and will always do our part to minimize waste.  See our packaging


When will my order ship?

Transit time is usually 1-3 days, depending on proximity to the fulfillment center.  Because of the perishable nature of our product, we try to have all orders delivered during the week.

If your order is placed and cannot be processed, fulfilled and delivered by Saturday we will hold the order to go out at the beginning of the next week.  Each package is shipped in Dry Ice, ensuring the contents will arrive cold and ready for storage in your freezer. HOLIDAYS & WEATHER MAY AFFECT SCHEDULE!  Please contact our office for specific questions regarding holiday shipping. 


What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is another term for solid carbon dioxide. You know that carbon dioxide ("CO2") is the gas we exhale every time we breathe. When CO2 gas is compressed, it changes to CO2 solid.


Why do we use Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is very cold. In fact, its surface temperature is approximately -110°F, much colder than regular ice, which has a surface temperature of 32°F. Because Dry Ice is so cold, it is an excellent refrigerant to keep perishable food products cool until they arrive to you, the customer.


Why wasn't any Dry Ice remaining when my package arrived?

Dry Ice has special properties that are much different than regular ice. This is due to the chemical differences between water and CO2. Ice will melt to liquid and then evaporate as a gas. Dry Ice skips the liquid phase and changes from a solid directly to a gas. This change is called "sublimation." The dry ice used in the food products we offer usually lasts between 36 to 72 hours. Since we ship our products in 1-2 days, it is common for little or no dry ice to remain by the time you receive your package. However, your food will still be cold - ready to be put right in your freezer!


About Auto-Delivery (Hassle-Free Subscriptions)

What's the Auto-Delivery program & how does it work?

Lock in the price of your favorite items and keep them coming. Auto-Delivery is our convenient replenishment program that lets you lock in your order price while automatically receiving your favorite items on a shipping schedule that you can customize. It's about having what you love, when you want it, at a price that's guaranteed for as long as the item ships on Auto-Delivery. And it's risk-free–there is no obligation to continue the plan and you can cancel anytime within 72 hours of your next shipment!

After placing a Hassle-Free Subscription order, you don't need to reorder the item again. You'll be billed for your first shipment after payment has been processed. Subsequent shipments will be billed at your original order price, and automatically sent on a regular shipping schedule on the schedule you customize. Each shipment will be billed separately at the designated price, plus shipping and handling. Delivery and billing are repeated until you cancel your Subscription. 

Conveniently manage your Auto-Delivery plan(s) online or call Customer Service at 201-759-4997.

Can I manage my Auto-Delivery plans online?

You can conveniently change flavors, pause, cancel and make any changes to the shipping schedule of your Auto-Delivery items by clicking here

Note: If you have not yet created a password for your account, you'll need to do so in order to sign in to manage your Auto-Delivery orders. Or you can call Customer Service for assistance at 201-759-4997.


Where will my order ship from?

We have multiple fulfillment facilities throughout the country ensuring timely deliveries.  Our current locations include, Kansas and New Jersey.


Can I call or text to speak with someone?

Hell yeah!  Call us or text anytime during normal business hours: 201-759-4997


I entered the wrong address; CAN I CHANGE IT?



Can The Chicken Pound help with my meal prep?

Heck yeah!  That’s what we’re here for!  If all we do is provide you with chicken, think of how much time and effort that saves you!  You can always throw together a salad, steam some veggies or bake a potato. But do you feel like cleaning, cooking, cutting and grilling chicken????  We thought not! Look, you guys are busy burning fat, building muscle and getting strong and healthy… We’re busy cooking!


Is your chicken organic?

No.  Our products are hormone and antibiotic free; but not organic.  We will be adding an organic line in the future.  Our chicken is sourced from within the USA and raised in a humane manner.


What makes us different?

Simple… We use the best ingredients and have the best process in place; with the most experienced health and wellness chef in the industry.


Are the flavors bland?

We don't think so!!!  But, keep in mind that we ONLY USE ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS!  What does that mean?  It means that we use real ingredients, not oils, starches, binders, sugars and other fancy fillers that are typically used by food companies that will add weight and calories to their products.  We're all-natural and proud!


Why do we freeze our chicken?

Come on man!  That “we deliver fresh” b.s. claim is old news!  It’s not fresh, it’s left-overs!  We don’t serve left-overs.  Everyone tries to sell you on “fresh never frozen”, but then they’ll suggest that you freeze it yourself if you don’t eat it!  We’re here to tell you that they’re all nuts! We won’t do that to you! We flash-freeze because it’s simply the most proven method to keep your chicken moist, tender, and most importantly… FRESH!


I live local.. can I pick up my order

Unfortunately, no. We apologize for the inconvenience.


How does my chicken arrive?

Most often chicken arrives completely frozen.  Depending on the temperature and time of year, however, some thawing may occur.  This does not mean that your product’s integrity has been compromised. Place your items in the refrigerator or freeze immediately upon receiving them.


Proper Storage

Instructions are on each package…  You can refrigerate or freeze your chicken upon receiving it.  Refrigeration shelf life is 4-5 days, freezer shelf life is 60 days.  Please watch this video!


Is there a minimum order?

Yes.  You must order at least a Five Pounder.


My package was delivered but I was not home to receive it.  Who is responsible?

All customers receive a confirmation email from FEDEX once your order is tendered.  We use the email that you provide us on your order. FEDEX sends updates as well as notifications once the order has been delivered.  It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to ensure that the products are retrieved in a timely manner. The Chicken Pound is NOT RESPONSIBLE for orders that are not retrieved in a timely manner.




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