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Never Grill Chicken Again!

Delicious, grilled chicken directly to your door! Fit it into your macros…Throw it into a salad, top with vegetables, add some rice or just eat it by itself! Its already cooked for you!

Delivered to Your Door

Convenient & Easy- we ship right to your door!

Cooked to Perfection

Never under or over cooked. A perfect dish to fit your tastebuds.


Featherweight Box (5 Pounds)

Picking the Five Pounder huh?  Bikini model status?? Five pounds of chicken will get you on your way!  Mix five pounds of your favorite flavors, hit the checkout and make them gains!

Order 5 lbs

Middleweight Box (10 Pounds)

Now we’re talking… Starting to play with the big boys and girls here and save some money!  Choose 10 pounds of your favorite flavors and checkout!

Order 10 lbs

Heavyweight Box (20 Pounds)

Heeeeyyyy!  Goals, Goals, Goals!!  You’ve chosen our best package to save some bucks and crush those goals! Select 20 pounds and stock up!

Order 20 lbs *BEST PRICE!

5 Pound Box - Meatballs Only

Ready for a little taste of our BANGIN' meatballs? Order five at checkout and we'll leave you wanting more!

Order 5 LBS of Chicken Meatballs

10 Pound Box- Meatballs Only

Doublin' UP, huh?? We see you! Save some $$ with ten pounder – perfect for couples or young families!

Order 10 LBS of Chicken Meatballs

20 Pound Box- Meatballs Only

Yeaaa, buddy! We're feeding the whole fam, now! Get the BEST price per lb by ordering the twenty pound box at checkout!

ORDER 20 LBS of Chicken Meatballs




Our Best-Selling Flavor! Made with low-sodium soy sauce. It's absolute 🔥‼ Great by itself or steam some rice and broccoli for a quick and easy Asian Fix!

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Versatile and delicious! Great in salads, by itself or cut into smaller pieces and added into wraps! Whether strict dieting or just enoying life... this flav's gonna leave you wanting more!

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Grilled with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper only! Use this one to do whatever the he-- you want with it!

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The newest addition to the CP FAM! Already sold in supermarkets, this 9 INGREDIENT, GLUTEN AND SOY-FREE, ITALIAN-STYLE Chicken Meatball has already made a splash and is a hit!

*Rice, Broccoli, Chives, Teriyaki Sauce and Chopsticks ARE NOT INCLUDED! 🤣😂

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It's KC BBQ Baby! Our CEO's favorite flavor. Combines a kick with Kansas City style authentic BBQ seasonings. It's sure to become your new fav!!

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Salads, wraps, sandwiches- all are options with this flavor! Totally clean and can be used for strict contest diets OR as part of your everyday favorite meals!

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If you like Cilantro- you'll love this one! It's totally bangin' with flavor and zest! Clean enough to diet strictly and tasty enough to crave!

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BARBECUE- Italian Style (GF)

It's not "traditional" BBQ! It's "Italian-Style" BBQ- cause we wanted you to have a "CLEANER" BBQ option! No molasses, no brown sugar, none of the stuff that jacks up the sugar and calories, but a lot of great taste!



Oh yeah!! Buffalo with a kick. It's about as clean of a label as you can find. Made with our in-house Buffalo sauce with REAL PEPPERS and natural ingredients!

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Yes-a whole bunch of traditional Caribbean spices make this a customer fave! It has just enough of that kick that you're looking for!

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*There's a star here for a reason! This is plain, plain, plain CHICKEN BREAST! Absolutely nothing on it, so PLEASEEEE don't tell us that it had no flavor! Bodybuilders, MMA, Athletes, and YOUR PETS- will ALL LOVE THIS!!

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how it's made

Unparalleled Experience

Our Chef has over 25 years of culinary experience and is a 3-time National Champion Bodybuilder and an IFBB Pro!  He was the in-house Chef/Columnist for MuscleMag International; and has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Muscular Development magazines.. And has appeared on Dr. OZ, Good Day NY and many other networks!

How Our Chicken Is Prepared

Our breasts fly in daily!  We rinse em’, cut em’ into bite size pieces and soak them in our homemade low-sodium marinades.  We let those flavors set in and throw them on our flame grills! Once we get them perfect, we portion and flash-freeze them!  Scared of us freezing them?! Don’t be! We’re doing you a HUGE favor! It enhances the taste and protects the integrity! You’ll love us for it… Trust US!

How We Deliver Your Gourmet Chicken

So, you want some bird?!  Place your order! We’ll pack it in an insulated cooler and ship it out to ya via FedEx.  We’ll throw plenty of dry ice in there and ship it as quickly as we can!  Unpack your order, refrigerate it for up to 5 days or freeze it until you’re ready to meal prep!

The Muscle Chef Recipe

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