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  • Teriyaki

    Made with low-sodium soy sauce, this dish is a hot seller! Pair it with rice and broccoli for a quick, Asian-inspired meal.

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  • Plain (GF)

    Simply grilled with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper. This one's a blank canvas for your culinary creativity!

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  • Balsamic (GF)

    Versatile and scrumptious! Ideal for salads, standalone meals, or diced in wraps. Whether you're on a strict diet or just savoring life, this flavor will have you craving more!

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  • Lemon-Herb (GF)

    From salads and wraps to sandwiches, this versatile flavor fits all! Perfectly clean, it's suitable for rigorous contest diets or simply as a part of your everyday favorite meals!

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  • Kansas City Barbecue

    Welcome to Kansas City BBQ! A personal favorite of our CEO, this flavor marries a zesty kick with authentic Kansas City BBQ seasonings. Destined to be your new favorite!

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  • *Italian-Style Chicken Meatballs (GF)

    The latest member of The Chicken Pound family! Our Italian-style Chicken Meatball, boasting just 9 ingredients, gluten and soy-free, is already a supermarket sensation and a big hit!

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  • Cilantro-Lime (GF)

    For the Cilantro lovers, this one's a hit! Bursting with flavor and zest, it's perfect for a strict diet yet tasty enough to leave you wanting more!

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  • Buffalo (GF)

    Here comes the Buffalo with a zing! A clean-label delight made with our in-house Buffalo sauce, featuring REAL PEPPERS and all-natural ingredients!

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  • Jerk Flavored

    Packed with a medley of authentic Caribbean spices, this customer favorite delivers the perfect kick you crave! It's the ultimate flavor experience you don't want to miss!

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  • *Pre-Contest Plain (GF)

    *Highlighted for a reason! This is pure, unadorned CHICKEN BREAST! No seasonings added, so don't doubt its flavor! Bodybuilders, MMA fighters, athletes, and even your pets will absolutely adore it!

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  • What is the Chicken Pound?

    The Chicken Pound is a meal prep company that specializes in one thing… Chicken!  We make sure you get all the chicken you need to simplify your active, busy lifestyle!

  • Is your chicken organic?

    No.  Our products are hormone and antibiotic free; but not organic.  We expect to add an organic line in the future.  Our chicken is sourced from within the USA and raised in a humane manner.

  • When will my order ship?

    Transit time is usually 1-3 days, depending on proximity to the fulfillment center.  Because of the perishable nature of our product, we try to have all orders delivered during the week.

    If your order is placed and cannot be processed, fulfilled and delivered by Saturday we will hold the order to go out at the beginning of the next week.  Each package is shipped in Dry Ice, ensuring the contents will arrive cold and ready for storage in your freezer.